Tuesday, 19 July 2011

WORTHY DIGGERS PART 1: shake sauvage

Here are the first edits emerging from the CD competition.

To put back in context, I ask followers of this blog to send me a track that they thought I should reedit. I picked up 7 out of... quite a lot.

They will not appear in 'quality order' but, as ever, according to my fickle 'gout du jour'.... they are from all styles (the really obscure to the obvious but missed) and proof that there are very very worthy diggers out there...

and let's start with : Shake Sauvage, who pointed me towards much more to this total masterpiece...

A few words about this treasure hunter (why would this be limited to 'famous' collectors???):

- introduce yourself in one line


- a book we should read ?

not a book to read but a movie to watch: '49th parallel' by michael powell (1941)

- favorite 'obvious but forgotten' cheesy record ?

not sure it fits in the category, but supertramp's self-titled debut (1970) first came to mind

- an idea worth fighting for

fighting? how do you do that?

-and a 5 records playlist?

autopilot - love is a process (1979)
barn owl - shadowland (2011)
gigi - maintenant (2009)
m√ľnchen - chaquiego (2010)
francesco tristano & moritz von oswald - auricle / bio / on (2008)

As for the record pointed out by Shake Sauvage, it is one of the best finds I've bumped into for ages, even better surely for those of you who speak Serb. I just did a bit of re-ordering, not much, a record entitled Between Two Drops of Sweat (How good is that for a title?) deserved as much respect as I'm able to have.

Brilliant lost gem. A massive thanks to Mr Sauvage then... More to come...



  1. This one literally SLITHERS out of my speakers, brilliant...

  2. Amazing!
    Ivan, can you give more info on the original ?