Tuesday, 27 July 2010

off to Japan...

off to Japan tomorrow. as exciting as ever.
here's a little (but long) follow-up to the 'proper old school house' edits posted a little while back.

once again, sorry for the rubbish sound but my copy has suffered and getting a new one is pretty expensive (but worth every penny) these days. I'm realizing these days that there are a lot more unsung classics in the early Chicago stuff than I thought...

both instrumental and vocal versions used to send shivers down my spine. I tried to get the best of both worlds...


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  1. Vraiment parfait tout ça.

    il y a quelques semaines, tu nous parlais sur GTC de ERRORS:ERRORS.
    Tu faisais allusion au groupe signé sur le label ecossais de Mogwai ou du duo de chez Remute?

    Big in Japan